Christmas cards and Facebook greetings

Posted by Alex Furness, October 2016

We've found the sweet spot between buying overpriced Christmas cards and writing lazy Facebook greetings

When it comes down to marking special occasions, people typically think of two options:

1. Sending a paper greeting card
2. Sending an online greeting

The easiest option by far, I'm sure you will agree, is to get a Facebook notification, tap your fingers a few times, and be done.

But the reality is that posting on to a Facebook timeline simply doesn't match up to the effort and thought of going out and buying a card. Or can it?

If not cards or Facebook posts, then what?

Facebook is amazing at connecting people. But sometimes you might want to make the extra effort without buying a card.

Introducing our new feature – Post E-Cards to Facebook – where you can donate the cost of greeting cards and post e-cards to Facebook instead.

We are excited to launch this feature today so that it can be used for Christmas 2016.

Example e-card and message being shared to Facebook:

View more screenshots on our How it Works page

Why post e-cards to Facebook – our top 5 reasons

• Your choice of charity receives the cost of cards and stamps
• The sentiment is retained with a customisable e-card
• Contribute to environmental savings
• Save yourself the hassle of going out to get cards
• Does not cost you anything more!

Up the sentiment behind your Christmas greetings for 2016

In the spirit of Christmas this year, why not try something different and really make a difference. You'll be getting in touch with loved ones, but showing that you've gone the extra mile to make your greeting special – by supporting an amazing charity.

They'll see that you've donated in lieu of cards and might even do the same.

Join in for Christmas 2016 at

Alex Furness

Alex is Co-Founder of DontSendMeACard and Web & Graphic Designer at Future Imaging