Posted by DontSendMeACard Team, July 2017

Making it easy for charities to receive donations in lieu of greeting cards

New account version gives charities everything they need to invite supporters to send e-cards and donate the cost of cards and stamps.

DontSendMeACard are inviting charities to register on to their website and access their e-card and donation system through a new account dashboard.

The site offers e-card pages unique to each charity with the function for users to give the equivalent cost of cards and stamps to their selected cause.

Thousands of individuals are already donating through the streamlined and
secure e-card system.

Designed specifically for charities

The dashboard has been designed specifically for charities and makes it easy to get started. A number of popular e-card pages are pre-loaded to make it easy to get started. It's also possible to generate new pages.

A user-friendly dashboard provides everything needed to raise donations
in lieu of cards.

Custom e-card pages can be built such as this example by Tibet Relief Fund.

A new income stream

The site has seen individuals give as high as £200 in lieu of sending Christmas cards. Sending greeting cards can be an expensive business today, especially with the cost of postage.

By sending out email invitations and social media posts encouraging people to give, charities can receive a high number of donations.

The generosity of individuals in the run up to Christmas is amazing to see.

Process to get on board

1: Register your organisation (you can register here)

The details required are:

• Charity name
• Charity logo
• Charity number
• Category
• Email address associated with a valid PayPal account so that we can automatically pass on donations

2: Verification

We then check that you are registered with the charity commission – you must be a UK registered charity – and that your PayPal account is valid.

We'll then approve your account and invite you to login to your dashboard.

More great features in the account dashboard

• Upload custom e-card artwork
• Access a range of promotional materials
• Share e-card pages directly to Facebook and Twitter
• Listed as an option to donate to on an innovative social enterprise
• Not only for Christmas but for occasions all year round – Valentine’s Day, Birthdays, Mother’s Day etc.

Charities can customise the e-card artwork making the offering that much
more engaging.

Charities are also added to the Listed Charities section of the website. This
visibility provides the opportunity for new donors attracted to the initiative.

There’s a host of promotional imagery and templates that charities can use to
invite supporters to send e-cards and donate.

Become a valued charity partner

Join the likes of Headway, The Shark Trust, Tibet Relief Fund, British Deaf Foundation and Royal Life Saving Society.

Register your organisation here


DontSendMeACard helps UK charities raise funds with our innovative alternative to greeting cards. People can support your charity by sending e-cards on special occasions and donating the cost equivalent of greeting cards and stamps.

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