Posted by Elizabeth Furness, January 2016

Send Birthday eCards and Give To Charity

Did you know that there is a fast, charitable, green alternative to sending birthday cards?

Here's how to send a birthday eCard and donate the cost of a birthday card to your choice of charity, in 3 simple steps:

1. Choose a charity

Go to our website and select birthday as an occasion.

You'll see a wide range of charities from which to choose. To help you find one that you care about you can click I'm Interested in Supporting and it will filter the charities based on your selection.

send to charity in lieu of cards

Select a charity that you want to send the cost of cards and stamps to

If supporting Wildlife Conservation is close to your heart for example, then select that category and only those charity types are presented.

2. Compose an eCard

This is the fun bit! Once you've selected a cause to support, you can create your eCard:

send birthday ecard

Compose your card by choosing an eCard image and writing a special message

Choose an eCard image. Write a personal message. Select how much you would have spent on a card and stamp.

You are then taken to PayPal where you make your donation.

3. Send your eCard

After your donation is successfully made, you can now send your birthday eCard.

email a birthday ecard

Simply enter the recipient's email address to send

Before you send it you can click on the message to edit.

A pop-up notification will let you know if it has been successfully sent, or not – in case you incorrectly typed their email address for example.

We also email you a link back to your eCard page if you would like to re-send the birthday eCard or send it at a later date.


You've just performed the ultimate win-win in greeting card sending!! 

You've acknowledged someone's birthday, and made a donation to a charity that can really put the money to good use – not to mention the environmental savings of sending fewer cards.

charity cards

People in your life get eCards, charities get the cost of cards = win-win

No Account Required

We've developed our eCard system so that you don't have to sign up for an account with us.

Your receipt and link to your eCard page is sent to the email address that you donate via PayPal with. Pretty handy, wouldn't you say?

Send birthday ecard

It's a bit of fun and loved ones see that you donated

A Solution for Birthday Cards

You can pop back to the website and send another birthday eCard whenever you have a friend, family member, or colleague's birthday coming up.

Our minimum donation amount is only £1. So if you send lots of lower cost cards you can use this option. Or if you are more of a fancy, overpriced card buyer then you can donate £5 or £10 instead.

You can customise the donation amount too. Enter any amount between £1 to £300. This provides you with the option to send more than the cost of a card, if you want to include the cost of a gift, too.

Find out more on the website, or give it try:

Send a Birthday eCard
Elizabeth Furness

Elizabeth is Content Manager at DontSendMeACard