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New Feature – Share eCards to WhatsApp and Messenger

You can now share your e-cards directly to WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger from within the DontSendMeACard user interface!

You can also now upload your own photo to be included in your e-card and make it even more personal. 

Posted by DontSendMeACard Team, May 2022

System improvements

We've made a number of changes to improve sending e-cards with

Posted by DontSendMeACard Team, May 2022

With the cost of living crisis happening, are you spending less on marking special occasions?

Ditch commercial greeting cards and save £££s for yourself, reduce paper waste, and help good causes. 

Posted by DontSendMeACard Team, April 2022

Price of stamps

Cards to cool down inboxes

It's officially baking. So we've compiled some of the 'coolest' e-card options available to send this summer.

Posted by DontSendMeACard team, July 2021

Price of stamps

Switch on automatic reminders to send e-cards again the following year

You can now – at the flick of a switch – receive Occasion Reminders on DontSendMeACard. Super handy for not forgetting!

Posted by DontSendMeACard team, May 2021

You'll be shocked when you find out how much you spend on greeting cards!

Ever wonder how much things all add up to sometimes? Well the humble greeting card surely isn't making a huge dent in your pocket is it? Think again...

Posted by Alex Furness, Feb 2021

Track the delivery status of your e-card sends

You can now track the delivery status of your e-card sends with DontSendMeACard – so you know that your cards and special messages have been sent and opened by recipients.

Posted by DontSendMeACard Team, July 2020

The Grand Appeal

Cracking cards arrive

Children's hospital charity The Grand Appeal have teamed up with and brought along the much loved Wallace & Gromit within their ecard designs!

Posted by DontSendMeACard Team, April 2020

A platform for change built from your feedback

Change needs a platform. If you've secretly – or made it abundantly clear – over the years that you think cards are annoying to reciprocate, glittery, destined for the bin, overpriced bits of cardboard detritus. Then let us be your soapbox to say no more :)

Posted by Alex Furness, November 2019


Disrupting the £1.75 billion UK greeting card market by turning donations in lieu of cards into a trend

We’re actively and continually looking to take more and more people away from purchasing and sending high-street greeting cards, to donate the cost of cards and stamps instead to charity.

Posted by Alex Furness, January 2019

Shelter almost doubles expected donations with charity
ecard system

Shelter made full use of online greeting card alternative over the festive period, fundraising almost 90% more than they originally expected.

Posted by DontSendMeACard Team, February 2018

Making it easy for charities to receive donations in lieu of greeting cards

New account version gives charities everything they need to invite supporters to send e-cards and donate the cost of cards and stamps.

Posted by DontSendMeACard Team, July 2017

University of Exeter Business School – Startup Pitch Competition

DontSendMeACard were invited back to the University of Exeter Business School for a second year running, this time to run a pitching competition for the Masters students. Here's what happened.

Posted by DontSendMeACard Team, April 2017

Case Study – Global Quantum

How a group of companies with clients worldwide gets in to the spirit of Christmas giving with responsible corporate e-cards and donations.

Posted by Alex Furness, December 2016


Bolster your Charity of the Year efforts with e-cards and donations

Is your company supporting a UK cause as Charity of the Year? We've created a new way for companies to raise donations for the charity that they support.

Posted by Alex Furness, March 2016

How To Counter The Commercialism Of Valentine's Day With Cards That Give Back

Last year we rushed out to blow an estimated £57 million on cards. Here's how to show your Valentine that you care, and avoid the commercial cards and teddies by donating the cost equivalent to one of 48 UK charities.

Posted by Alex Furness, February 2016

Send Birthday eCards and Give To Charity

Did you know that there is a fast, charitable, green alternative to sending birthday cards? Here's how to send a birthday eCard, and donate the cost of a birthday card to your choice of charity, in 3 simple steps.

Posted by Elizabeth Furness, January 2016

The Concept Behind DontSendMeACard

As we get closer to our 2015 launch, I wanted to share with you some insight behind the idea, and our vision for e-cards that help charities.

Posted by Alex Furness, September 2015

Carbon Footprint of a Greetings Card

We asked an Exeter University research team what the environmental damage of sending so many greeting cards annually in the UK might be. They provided the answer in this report.

October 2014